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Thanks for all the support for our show - Nashville's New Country. We've had an incredible time producing the show for you 162 times! But, we regret to inform everyone that we will not be producing the show any longer. We have had some changes in our organization and must focus on some of the other projects we're working on, including our daily Music City Minute. If your station isn't running Music City Minute, please take a moment to check out the DEMO.

Also, Keith and Tammy are now adding stations for their daily morning show with localized content. They sound just like they're broadcasting from your studios in your city! If you would like an audio sample, please email keith@musiccityusanews.com and he will get back with you! They have both a CHR daily show and a Country daily show with tracks available. No barter. This is a cash only show.

The show features at least one local break per hour with their great benchmarks like Twivia, Celebrity Birthdays, Weird News, the Hollywood Report and more.
All sponsorable by your station!

Thanks for the support for Nashville's New Country, but it is time to say goodbye to this show within our organization. If there are any jocks who would like to continue the show, please email Keith about the possibilities of taking it over. Thanks again!